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Sand Fort
Yasutaka Hatade
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Sand Fort - Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes

Anonymous asked: Feet & Lungs.

Feet: Can you dance well?

He thinks he can.

Lungs: Do you smoke, how do you feel about smoking in general?

"I’ve rarely… but I really don’t care one way or the other." Shrug.

Anonymous asked: Bruises, Chest, Goosebumps, Hands, Ribs, Shoulders..

Bruises: Are you easily hurt?

"Wouldn’t be any good at my job if I didn’t have thick skin."

Chest: What’s your worst kept secret?

"I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?"

Goosebumps: What scares you the most?

already answered

Hands: Would you rather make something from scratch or get it made for you?

"Depends on what it is. I’m no blacksmith but I can set up a mean trap, you know what I mean?"

Ribs: Do you have anything you want to protect?

"I think that "something" in question is already well-aware of it without my saying so."

Shoulders: Would you rather be pampered or be the one pampering?

"These outta be good for something, yeah?"

Anonymous asked: Bum, Chin, Clavicle, Eyes, Goosebumps and Nails.

Bum: List 3 of your guilty pleasures

"Showtunes in the kitchen, fireworks, I’d say Souji’s ass but there’s nothing guilty about that, so… pick a game, any game. Cheating at it."

Let’s be honest he wouldn’t actually admit to that first one though.

Chin: How well do you take criticism?

"Do you really want to find out?”

Clavicle: What is you favourite way to show and receive affection?

"Let’s not get into that." Because he’s just so awkward about expressing it.

Eyes: What has changed from how you see the world now and how you saw it 5 years ago?

"…apparently I mean more to the people in it, or any world, than I was taught to believe."

Goosebumps: What scares you the most?

"The thought of failing him again."

Nails: When you’re feeling vulnerable, do you become more defensive or do you take the offensive and lash out?

"Those are some awfully narrow choices, don’t you think? Besides, who says I ever feel vulnerable?"

Neither, really. He prefers to just plain pretend like it isn’t happening. So he’s more avoidant than defensive, but no lashing unless he’s really pushed.

Anonymous asked: Birth marks,Freckles,Scars and Throat.

Birth marks: Do you have a favourite tale?


"Oh, just about any time Aohime’s gotten the drop on someone coming in the door. She’s a fast learner."

Freckles: If you could, what would you change about your body?


"Erase a few nasty reminders." Scars, folks. That’s literally the only thing he can’t stand.

Scars: Is there anything you want to confess?


"All right, you got me. I’ve attempted a few of the things in that book.” With very little success, but that is not the point.

Throat: What is your proudest memory?


"Well, I don’t know about proudest. But you should have seen the look on Souji’s face, that night when we were out in the snow.” So worth it.

studioofmedicine asked:

"Sasuke, do not eat the pig."

hisaugustness asked:

"…" He has to sit and think about this one, sorta.

"Are we suggesting that we’re supposed to derive some sort of entertainment out of mimicking one another?"

That’s it. That’s the impression.